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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Society 2024

Seeking an Electrical Engineering position to apply my knowledge and skills to design and innovate systems, components and processes within practical, sustainable and ethical restraints.

Skills I can offer to your company

  • MATLAB, Simulink, Octave GNU
  • PSpice, Analog Discovery 2, WaveForms
  • Verilog, VHDL, Quartus II
  • Hardware: Measuring, Testing, Debugging
  • C, Java
  • Microsoft Office, Google Suite
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • AutoDesk: Inventor, AutoDesk: 3DS Max
  • Python
  • Arm, Assembly

University Education

2018 – Current – McMaster University

Bachelor of Engineering and Society 2024

Society is a 1 year extension onto the conventional engineering degree with a focus on ethical and sustainable engineering practices.  Society provides a multidisciplinary outlook on society to build a creative, inquisitive and well-rounded engineer.

Fourth Year Courses
MATLAB, C, Python, PSpice, JS, HTML, CSS

Communication Systems
Electrical Systems Integration Project
Energy Conversion
Electronic Devices and Circuits II
Electromagnetics II

Preventive Engineering: Environmental Perspectives
Inquiry in an Engineering Context II

Programming in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Third Year Courses
MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice

Introduction to Control Systems
Signals & Systems
Computer-Aided Engineering
Electronic Devices and Circuits I
Electromagnetics I
Advanced Probability and Random Processes

Technology and Society

Forensic Anthropology
Introduction to Linguistics: Sound, Speech and Hearing
Introduction to Anthropology: Sex, Food and Death

Second Year Courses
Java, C, ARM

Data Structures, Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics
Microprocessor Systems Project
Principles of Programming
Logic Design – Combinational and Sequential Logic
Circuits and Systems
Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics III
Probability and Stats for Engineering

AI – Innovative Technologies
Introduction to Marketing
Inquiry in an Engineering Context I
Case Studies in History and Technology

First Year Courses
AutoDesk: Inventor, Python

Engineering Design and Graphics
Engineering Computation
Engineering Profession and Practice
Structure and Properties of Materials
General Chemistry for Engineering I
Engineering Mathematics
Introductory Mechanics Waves, Electricity, and Magnetic Fields
Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introduction to Health and Safety

Work Experience

Developed Modular and POSIX-compliant Hardware Abstraction Layers in C and Python to facilitate communication between two separate applications, using block drivers at Geotab.

Implemented multi-threaded Python functionality, enabling concurrent streaming of vehicle engine data and device logs.

Utilized Robot Framework to create a vehicle resource file simulating user interaction during a car trip. Developed high-level keywords for route virtualization, simplifying usage and interactivity for non-technical teams.

Refactored department wide shared resources by creating and modifying existing makefiles and source files to improve modularity and adhere to POSIX-compliant standards.

Added instant reset functionality via the UART serial port connection to the developer firmware and created a minicom debug menu using keyboard inputs for navigation.

Developed Robot Framework Test Suites for interfacing with hardware tester power modules and used python to provide real time power data.

Created an Automated Testing Environment using Robot Framework to validate device parameters to ensure devices were ready for firmware development.

Ready Systems – Robotics & Automation
Intern: 2022 – 4 month Co-op
Worked with Ready Systems Electrical Design Team to carefully review electrical drawings and made revision markups.

Wired, tested, and troubleshooted Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels for assembly lines, build lines, and multi robot cells.

Installed, setup and debugged I/O and field devices including PLC’s, master and extension control modules, 120/240/480/600V transformers and laser etchers.

Woodoer: 2019
Optimized Woodoer’s building and construction processes to increase workplace efficiency and helped build cabinets, closets and furniture using CNC machinery.

Halton Industry Education Council: 2018
Re-developed organization website with WordPress and the Elementor page builder –  Developed information architecture, layouts, graphics, content.

ViewIT Technologies: 2017
Developed online email marketing templates and campaigns, created web page mock-ups, conducted quality assurance testing and evaluated UI/UX design.

Silicon Halton: 2016-2017
Worked on organizing, cleaning and updating Silicon Halton website data.

Sitaran Group: 2013 – 2017
Provided content loading and testing services for websites and e-commerce portals.



Image Processing via Machine Learning and Interpolation

Skills Used:

Developed two demosaicing scripts to generate an RGB image from a grayscale image on MATLAB, using machine learning and interpolation

Used an RGGB colour filter array to generate a Bayer filter from the grayscale image.

For the ML approach, I scripted a model that would analyze RGB images and change weighted coefficients for the R, G, and B pixel value based on the values of the surrounding pixel environment.  I trained my model with ~20 images to eliminate artifacts.

For the interpolation approach, I scripted a model that would bilinearly interpolate missing pixel values from linearly adjacent pixels for each R, G and B pixel array to formulate the full RGB image.

Laser Cutting Customized Prints

Skills Used:

Designed and created numerous laser cut prints on birch wood, to create customized prints for myself and functional pieces for construction for use in the McMaster Seismic Design team’s seismic tower competition.

Analog Discovery 2 Circuit Testing, Debugging and Analysis

Skills Used:
Analog Discovery 2, WaveForms, Hardware: Measuring, Testing, Debugging

Used Diligent’s Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForms software to construct, test and debug breadboard circuits to measure, visualize, and record mixed signal circuits for electrical systems.

Circuit testing and debugging called for recurring use of the complete Analog Discovery 2 functionality, with emphasis on the oscilloscope, multimeter, logic analyzer, curve tracer, spectrum analyzer and function generator capabilities.

Focused on complex RLC circuits, especially small signal AC analysis of diodes, BJT’s and MOSFET’s while meeting voltage/current design constraints.

Verilog Logic Design

Skills Used:
Verilog, VHDL, Quartus II, Hardware: Measuring, Testing, Debugging

Wrote a script which creates a 1-minute timer from two 7-segment displays and resets on a switch toggle using frequency / clock dependent logic systems.

Programmed an EPROM to count up and down between 0 to 99 in binary, using LEDs and 7 segment displays as outputs.  Used Verilog, schematic block diagrams and VHDL on Quartus II to program the logic system.

Used oscilloscopes to measure the period, frequency and amplitude of output signals from the EPROM logic systems.

Embedded Intelligence Spatial Mapping System

Skills Used:
C, Arm, Hardware: Measuring, Testing, Debugging

Constructed an embedded spatial measurement system using a time-of-flight sensor and a 360-degree stepper motor.

The system was programmed in C and Arm and was controlled by a Cortex-M4F microcontroller. The time-of-flight sensor was mounted to the stepper motor and would rotate 180 degrees at every displacement interval and collect sensor readings.

The time of flight sensor collected data from 2 axes and manual movement of the system allowed for data to be collected from the third axis.  This allowed for the readings to be visualized and a mesh to be constructed between the data points to generate a 3D mapping of the room/corridor.

AutoDesk 3DS Max CNC Machinery Rendering

Skills Used:
AutoDesk: 3DS Max

Texturized and rendered models of CNC machinery in 3DS Max, using the built-in rendering environment and ray-tracing features, to create fully rendered models for client proposals and live website showcasing.

Prior Experience / Volunteering

Prior Education

UDEMY Online Courses
Complete Python Bootcamp
Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

White Oaks Secondary School (WOSS)

International Baccalaureate Program Graduate – Honours

Queen’s University SEEDS Program
2014 – Certificate in Engineering
2013 – Certificate in Human Anatomy

Volunteer Experience

2016 – 2018: National Honours Society Fundraiser
Lead a team to create posters, announcements, and banners for fundraiseres. Helped organize and worked at various scholarship fundraisers including Krispy Kreme, Kernels and Cinnabon.

2016: Habitat for Humanity
Worked at a 13-house complex construction site in Burlington during August to September 2016.  Installed insulation, drywall, wood, taped weather barriers, painted rooms, assembled attics, cleaned and sorted materials.

2016: Halton Forest Festival
Group Leader at the Halton Forest Festival at Rattlesnake Point. Taught grade 6 and 7 Science classes about forest succession.

Extra Curriculars

McMaster University
Mac Makers Club
Mac Seismic Design Team
Mac Makerspace – Laser Cutting / 3D Printing
Mac Design League
Ultimate Frisbee Intramurals
Sumo Bots

Tech Under 20
TU20 Chapters Program Lead
TU20 White Oaks Secondary School Chapter Co-Founder

White Oaks Secondary School
Engineering Club Co-President
Varsity Ultimate Frisbee Team Co-Captain
National Honor Society Marketing Head
Varsity Swim Team

Oakville Aquatics Swim Team

W.H. Morden Lego Robotics Team

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