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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Society Candidate 2024

Seeking an Electrical Engineering Co-op to apply my knowledge and skills to design and innovate systems, components and processes within practical, sustainable and ethical restraints.

and learn practical electrical engineering?

I want to design and build systems, components and processes through and through


University Education

2018 – Current – McMaster University

Bachelor of Engineering and Society Candidate – 2024

Electrical Engineering and Society at McMaster University

Society is a 1 year extension onto the standard 4 year undergraduate degree with a focus on ethical and sustainable engineering practices.  It takes an alternative approach to engineering with a large focus on inquiry and ….  The society program mandates 6 non-engineering elective courses to be taken across the 5 year program to diversify the typical engineering course load and introduce alternative viewpoints and methods to approach and solve problems.

Fourth Year Courses

Communication Systems – MATLAB
Electrical Systems Integration Project – C, Python
Energy Conversion
Electronic Devices and Circuits II – PSpice
Electromagnetics II

Preventive Engineering: Environmental Perspectives
Inquiry in an Engineering Context II

Programming in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Third Year Courses

Introduction to Control Systems – MATLAB/Simulink
Signals & Systems – MATLAB
Computer-Aided Engineering – MATLAB
Electronic Devices and Circuits I – PSpice
Electromagnetics I – MATLAB
Advanced Probability and Random Processes

Technology and Society

Forensic Anthropology
Introduction to Linguistics: Sound, Speech and Hearing
Introduction to Anthropology: Sex, Food and Death

Second Year Courses

Data Structures, Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics – Java
Microprocessor Systems Project – C / ARM
Principles of Programming – Java / C
Logic Design – Combinational and Sequential Logic
Circuits and Systems – Laplace
Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics III – Differential Equations / Laplace
Probability and Stats for Engineering

AI – Innovative Technologies
Introduction to Marketing
Inquiry in an Engineering Context I
Case Studies in History and Technology

First Year Courses

Engineering Design and Graphics – CAD/Inventor
Engineering Computation – Python
Engineering Profession and Practice
Structure and Properties of Materials
General Chemistry for Engineering I
Engineering Mathematics  – Calculus / Linear Algebra
Introductory Mechanics Waves, Electricity, and Magnetic Fields
Introductory Microeconomics / Introductory Macroeconomics
Introduction to Health and Safety

Work Experience

2022: Ready Systems
Constructed build assembly lines
Integrated new assembly lines into existing ones
Wired panels
Edited electrical drawings – Analyzed and looked for errors in electrical drawings
Assembled field electronics to robot cells
Constructed robot cells
Setup I/O devices and systems across integrated seat assembly lines
Worked with 600V, 480V, 240V, 120V transformers
Familiar with hands on and practical electrical engineering in automation

2019: Woodoer Inc.
Built custom CNC components and optimized in-shop processes

2018: Halton Industry Education Council
Re-developed organization website with WordPress –  Developed information architecture, layouts, graphics, content. 

2017: ViewIT Technologies
Developed online email marketing templates and campaigns, created web page mock-ups and evaluated UI/UX design.

2016-2017: Silicon Halton
Worked on organizing, cleaning and updating Silicon Halton website data.

2013 – 2017: Sitaran Group
Provided content loading and testing services for websites and e-commerce portals.




Panel Building

communication systems on matlab




Constructing combinational and sequential logic circuits in Quartus II 

Modelling and Sketching 3D parts in CAD/Inventor

Creating and managing websites using WordPress – Knowledge of DIVI and Elementor theme frameworks



Coding data structures and algorithms in Java

Intermediate programming in C with experience with ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller

Basic programming in Python and in ARM assembly

Prior Experience / Volunteering


UDEMY Online Courses
Complete Python Bootcamp
Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

White Oaks Secondary School (WOSS)

International Baccalaureate Program Graduate – Honours

Queen’s University SEEDS Program
2014 – Certificate in Engineering
2013 – Certificate in Human Anatomy


2016 – 2018: National Honours Society Fundraiser
Lead a team to create posters, announcements, and banners for fundraiseres. Helped organize and worked at various scholarship fundraisers including Krispy Kreme, Kernels and Cinnabon.

2016: Habitat for Humanity
Worked at a 13-house complex construction site in Burlington during August to September 2016.  Installed insulation, drywall, wood, taped weather barriers, painted rooms, assembled attics, cleaned and sorted materials.

2016: Halton Forest Festival
Group Leader at the Halton Forest Festival at Rattlesnake Point. Taught grade 6 and 7 Science classes about forest succession.


McMaster University
Mac Makers Club
Mac Seismic Design Team
Mac Makerspace – Laser Cutting / 3D Printing
Mac Design League
Ultimate Frisbee Intramurals
Sumo Bots

Tech Under 20
TU20 Chapters Program Lead
TU20 White Oaks Secondary School Chapter Co-Founder

White Oaks Secondary School
Engineering Club Co-President
Varsity Ultimate Frisbee Team Co-Captain
National Honor Society Marketing Head
Varsity Swim Team

Oakville Aquatics Swim Team

W.H. Morden Lego Robotics Team

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